1. Foster
    We have numerous fosters and they hold and rehabilitate our furry companions until they find that extra special forever home. So, when considering being a foster please locate the official form that will be required of you to fill out and contact us directly with any additional questions you may have as to the details
  2. Adoption
    Fill out the adoption form, submit the adoption fee, and enjoy spending time with the cats available to ensure you're a great match. We will be inclined to ask several questions and you should answer honestly, this could help us choose the best family member. We hope that as a new pet parent you will understand all that is required of you as a new adopter!
  3. Donation
    We are a legal 501c NONPROFIT organization. We accept all donations, both monetary and supplies, and with whatever you are donating a receipt will be provided as your tax deduction.
  4. Sponsor
    Sponsoring our non profit rescue will be broken down into brackets of sponsorship. Please wait patiently while we are working on our sponsorship brackets and all inclusive benefits !!!!
  5. Fundraising
    Fundraising events are happening throughout the year, and by request you will be added to our monthly newsletter showing events we are hosting or attending.
  6. Contact
    Contacts are provided to ask specific questions that pertain to adoptions, donations, sponsorship, being a vendor at an event, and more. Please send all direct communications to our Facebook page and expect a reply within 24 hours from one of the site administrators. You may email the head of fundraising through the contact page!